Do I Qualify for Medicaid?

Do I Qualify for Medicaid?

Depending on your own circumstances, the answer is sometimes pretty simple — though sometimes it requires a little expert advice. We can get you started on the path to an answer. 

North Carolina’s Medicaid program includes both North Carolina Medicaid, and Health Choice for Children. A caseworker at your county’s Division of Social Services (DSS) office can help you determine your eligibility, and even help you with your application (find local DSS contact information here).

Eligibility Requirements

So here’s the basics. To qualify for North Carolina Medicaid or Health Choice, you have to:

    • Be a United States citizen, or else be able to provide proof of eligible immigration status (people only applying for emergency services are not required to provide documentation of immigration status)
    • Live in North Carolina, and provide proof of residency
    • Have a Social Security number, or have applied for one

Beyond those basic requirements, eligibility also depends on age, health needs, income, and resources. In general, though, Medicaid or Health Choice may be available to you if you are:

    • A low-income individual or family (for general information on income requirements as set by the North Carolina General Assembly, go here)
    • Age 65 or older
    • Blind or disabled
    • An infant, or a child under age 21
    • In need of long-term care
    • Receiving Medicare

You’re automatically eligible for Medicaid, however, if you are receiving any of the following government assistance:

    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Work First Cash Assistance
    • State/County Special Assistance for the Aged or Disabled


To learn more about the application process for Medicaid or Health Choice, or to actually begin an application yourself, go here.