Our Vision

Our vision is the future we aspire to create, for the 27 eastern North Carolina counties we are privileged to serve.

A healthy population empowered by coordinated, patient-centered care.

Our Mission

Our mission is our purpose. It is the work we do, day in and day out, to enact our vision into reality.

To improve health through access to, and coordination of, quality care in eastern North Carolina.

Our Values

Our values are our compass, those qualities that shape our actions, and guide our course forward. Their first letters, taken together, spell out “I CARE” — because we do care, profoundly, about what we do, and how we do it.

    • Integrity

      We are principled, honest, and ethical, by doing the right thing.

    • Collaboration

      We promote teamwork through communication, trust, and an inclusive environment.

    • Accountability

      We take ownership for actions and their impact.

    • Respect

      We embrace diversity through compassion and kindness, and value individual uniqueness and dignity.

    • Excellence

      We take personal pride in exceeding expectations through continuous improvement.