Pregnancy Medical Home

High-Risk Pregnancy Case Management

An estimated one in 10 babies is born too early in the United States, with the U.S. preterm birth rate higher than that of most other high-income countries.

The problem is much bigger even than ballooning healthcare costs from long-term hospitalizations required to care for these fragile newborns; premature births account for many child deaths, making up a large part of the infant-mortality rate.

Yet in much of the U.S., there are too few obstetrics (OB) practices/providers willing to supply care to Medicaid recipients, typically some of the most medically vulnerable members of the population.

To address this disparity, and to tackle other issues in maternity care and birth outcomes among Medicaid-eligible women, Access East provides care-management services to pregnant Medicaid recipients through its medical home model of patient-centered, consolidated, cost-effective care, with a primary focus on high-risk pregnancies.