ACA Upcoming ACA Enrollment Events – During OE

ACA Enrollment Events

Open Enrollment (OE) for Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage through the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace is now running for 2024 plans.

Currently there are no scheduled in-person enrollment events; should any more be added, appointments for them are encouraged, though walk-in visits will also be accepted.

The new OE to buy a 2024 ACA plan on the federal Health Insurance Marketplace closes Jan. 16, 2024; however, consumers wanting their coverage to begin on Jan. 1 will need to enroll in a plan by Dec. 15, 2023.

Access East Certified Marketplace Navigators’ enrollment assistance will include help in choosing the best, most cost-effective 2023 health-insurance plan for consumers and their families, and to determine if financial assistance is available to help pay for coverage, as it is continues to be for most North Carolinians.

Our Navigators are grant-funded, and provide impartial assistance, receiving no commissions regardless of which insurance plan a consumer might choose.

Consumers will have several options when scheduling one-on-one Navigator enrollment help: in person, by phone, or by WebEx or Zoom. To schedule a Navigator appointment, call (252) 847-3027, or visit

  • Social Security numbers for every family member, or document numbers for legal immigrants
  • Employer name(s) and phone number(s)
  • Income information for every member of a household who is working, or who has income and needs coverage
  • Information about any health insurance any household member might have

* Outside of any Open Enrollment period, you may still qualify to enroll in ACA health coverage through a Special Enrollment Period, if you have experienced certain changes in your life, known as “qualifying life events.”

To learn what life events might qualify you for Special Enrollment, and about the few other conditions that might allow you to get ACA coverage outside of Open Enrollment, including unexpected life changes that may have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, go here.