Social Work Case Manager for HealthAssist MEND program

Social Work Case Manager, HealthAssist MEND Program

HealthAssist, a division of Access East, Inc., has an immediate opening for a full-time Social Work Case Manager for its MEND (Medically Enduring Neighborhood Dream) program.

In Summary:
    • The MEND Social Work Case Manager collaborates with the client, nurse case/care managers, local free clinics, East Carolina University medical students, other healthcare providers and faith-based organizations to facilitate client access to health and social services that enhance the client’s health, well-being, and ability to adhere to the client’s prescribed medical treatment regimen in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.
    • The MEND Social Work Case Manager provides social work services to adult clients in clients’ homes and in the community, as well as in clinical settings.
    • The MEND Social Work Case Manager is also responsible for assisting MEND board members with solidifying funding for program initiatives and sustainability.
Position Outline:
    • Accountable for developing and facilitating services, and community engagement, and partnering with community resources to address the needs of an assigned population (uninsured/underinsured, homeless, high ED utilization).
    • Uses independent, professional judgment to provide case-management services to an assigned population.
    • Attends all regularly scheduled free-clinic sessions, ED-utilization meetings, community-leadership meetings, and staff meetings.
    • Provides leadership in population-based health improvement (uninsured/underinsured, homeless, high ED utilization).
    • Acts as a client advocate for the development of community resources, program sustainability and funding, community outreach, and access to medical services.
    • Collaborates effectively with the HealthAssist care-management staff to achieve goals and objectives.
Job Responsibilities:
    • Accountable for developing and facilitating services, and partnering with community resources to address the needs of an assigned population.
    • Develops and facilitates services that provide education, screening, and advanced assessments for an assigned population.
    • Consults with other community agencies and committees to identify potential resources for resolving a client’s health, psychosocial, and/or financial problems.
    • Functions as a liaison to external agencies and shares information with others that may impact client care and/or client services.
    • Performs other appropriate duties as assigned.
    • Uses independent, professional judgment to provide case-management services to an assigned population. Accurately identifies and prioritizes the at-risk patient population.
    • Collaborates with the patient, caregivers, physicians, and other providers to develop a comprehensive plan of care.
    • Assures implementation of care plans throughout the continuum of care to include a variety of settings (e.g., home visits, school, worksites, free clinics, community settings, transportation, specialists, FQHCs).
    • Effectively communicates care plans and other client-related activities both verbally and in writing to appropriate personnel and agencies (e.g., faith-based organizations, medical providers and students, MEND Board of Directors members, the Eastern Carolina Community Health Consortium).
    • Communicates with physicians and other healthcare team members regarding necessary changes to care plans that promote optimal medical, academic, and behavior performance.
    • Demonstrates the ability to use teaching, learning, and counseling skills. Promotes empowerment of the patient through self-management of his/her disease.
    • Coordinates educational opportunities/presentations MEND-related to a variety of stakeholders (e.g., the healthcare system, the school system, community, employers, faith-based organizations, etc.).
    • Attend appropriate educational opportunities/programs that promote “best practices” in the management of various populations. Advances clinical expertise through attendance at conferences, reading journals, etc.
    • Coordinates primary- and secondary-prevention opportunities that promote early identification and intervention for various populations.
    • Provides leadership in population-based health improvement.
    • Develops and implements programs or projects that facilitate the attainment of corporate goals. Leads and/or participates in MEND interdisciplinary team meetings, and MEND Board meetings.
    • Responsible for the development of strategic long-range plans in the area of program sustainability, including solidifying donations and funding opportunities.
    • Participates in the development and coordination of marketing efforts.
    • Uses the principles of disease-management to facilitate improvement in patient outcomes.
    • Maintains and advances knowledge and skills in areas of specialization.
    • Utilizes advanced skills and assessments to work autonomously in different settings (e.g., hospital, school, outpatient, community).
    • Participates in professional organizations.
    • Utilizes advanced assessments to evaluate and communicate the effectiveness of comprehensive plans of care. Maintains a professional network among colleagues.
    • Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide service appropriate to the age of the patient.
    • Promotes and participates in quality improvement (QI) activities and clinical research. Changes practice behavior as a result of data.
    • Encourages clinical problem-identification and problem-resolution activities.
    • Identifies, addresses, and reports quality issues identified through data sources. Identifies and participates in research activities through data analysis and collection.
    • Maintains the confidentiality of medical records and complies with all applicable state and federal regulations, including, but not limited to, HIPAA and HITECH.

Bachelor’s degree in Social Work required.

One-two (1-2) years of related experience required.

To apply:
Send résumé only to; no cover letter required.

About Access East:
Based in Greenville, N.C., the nonprofit Access East, Inc. coordinates and administers regional, collaborative initiatives designed to address the healthcare needs of low-income and uninsured residents across a 27-county service area, and to assist the state of North Carolina in enhancing access, improving health outcomes, and controlling costs for its economically challenged and uninsured population.